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PhD on High Reliability Multi-processor Systems for Automatic Train Control 1982 (with support from British Rail Research, Derby)    Loughborough University

BSc in Electronic & Electrical Engineering  1977    Diploma in Industrial Studies.   Loughborough University



Freelance Consultant 2000 on. Specialise in IT projects for Education, web site design, database development and embedded hardware/software design. Consultant to Edexcel Foundation producing Teachers' Guidance Packs in ICT and Engineering. Currently developing a mobile robot for teaching control system design.

Visiting Research Fellow 2002 on. The Open University. Research, Robotics in Education.

Lecturer in Communications and Microsystems 1986 to 2000. Department of Electronic & Electronic Engineering Loughborough University.

Lecturing: Communications. Digital Communications. Microprocessors in Information Technology. Avionics Systems. Microprocessors in Power Systems. Practical Modem design.  Digital Instrumentation & DSP. Mobile Robotics (MicroMouse)

Research: SERC-funded development of a satellite Modem (with Rutherford Appleton Laboratory). SERC-funded development of long-range HF radio channel Modems. Papers published in various refereed journals. Current research interests include mobile robot navigation, the use of the Internet for remote robotic control, and using the Web for interactive education.

Other duties : Departmental Admissions Tutor.   Head of Departmental Marketing.  Director of Laboratory Studies.   Project Manager Engineering Showcase Snibston Discovery Park


Research Fellow 1982-86.  Department of Electronic & Electronic Engineering  Loughborough University.  Design and development of microprocessor-based battery condition equipment (in conjunction with Chemistry Department and RSRE, Malvern).


Development Engineer 1977-78.  Marconi Avionics Ltd. Maritime Aircraft Systems. Worked on dipping sonar for Sea King helicopter


Student Engineer 1976-77. Marconi Avionics Ltd. Maritime Aircraft Systems. Worked on Nimrod anti-submarine avionics.


Computer Experience - Programming

Assembler language: DSP: TMS320C25, TMS320C50

Microcontroller: 8051 and variants. Microchip PIC

Microprocessor: 8085, Z80, 6800

High-Level languages: Visual BASIC, FORTH, HTML, C, JavaScript, JAVA, LEGO RCX, PSION XPII.

Other software: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, FrontPage, Image Composer, Superbase 4.

Applications: Satellite Modem. High-reliability computer system for automatic train control for British Rail Research.. Battery state-of-charge tester programs for MoD. Acoustic test system for railway sleeper condition for Beran Instruments Ltd. Laser data communications/video link for remote robotic control. Mobile robot control and navigation.

Networked relational database development for student data, equipment inventory and a booking system for laboratory classes, for Loughborough University. Barcode reader and hand-held data capture unit interface for equipment inventory system.

Financial database system for Leicester University Archaeological Services (ULAS) written in Access.

Teaching and research web site design and management.



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Karunathilaka S A G R, Hampson N A, Hughes M, Marshall W G, Leek R, Sinclair T J: 'The prediction of the state-of-charge of some commercial primary cells', Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 1983, No 13, pp 577-586.

Marshall W G, Leek R, Hampson N A, Lovelock G R: 'A nickel-cadmium cell residual charge analyser', Journal of Power Sources, 1984, No 13, pp 75-81.

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Marshall W G, Leek R, Pilkington M J, Hampson N A: 'A computer-controlled discharge unit for the testing of nickel-cadmium cells and batteries', Journal of Power Sources, 1986, No 16, pp 119-130.

Marshall W G, Hoare D W, Clarke A P: 'Using DSPs to synchronize a digital satellite modem', Microprocessors and Microsystems, Mar 1990, pp 97-100.

Falahati A, Marshall W G, Hoare D W: ' Implementation of adaptive 5400 bit/sec modem over frequency-selective HF radio links', Electronics Letters, June 1992, pp1238-1240.


Computer Experience - Hardware Design

DSP: Satellite modem and channel simulators. Multi-DSP system for Land-mobile modem. Real-time IC engine noise analyser. Microprocessor/microcontrollers: High-reliabilityTMR system for automatic train control. Train simulator for BRATO train control project. Battery state-of-charge tester design. Laser comms/video link for remote robot control. Microcontroller/DC motor driver design for mobile robots. Sensor array and controller for an interactive-art exhibition, for Gallery of the Future.


Teaching / Lecturing Experience

First year degree courses

Communications. Introduction to concepts and hardware. 22 hours lectures. Written exam + assessed coursework. PowerPoint slides.


Second year degree courses

Digital Communications.  Introduction to discrete-time (sampled) signalling techniques. 11 hours lectures. Written exam + assessed labwork. PowerPoint slides.

Avionics.  Introduction to concepts and hardware. 11 hours lectures. Written exam + assessed labwork


Third Year degree courses

Digital Instrumentation.  Hardware interfacing to DSP devices. Developing DSP software. Digital signal processing techniques. 15 hours lectures. Written exam + assessed labwork. PowerPoint slides.

MicroMouse Development of a maze-solving mobile robot. All coursework assessed.


Postgraduate courses

Microprocessor Applications. Microprocessor hardware and software design for IT MSc students. 20 hours lectures. Written exam + assessed labwork

Micros in Power Engineering. Microprocessor hardware and software design for Power Engineering MSc students. 10 hours lectures. Written exam.

Practical Modems.  Digital modem design for Digital Communication Systems MSc students. 10 hours lectures. Written exam.


Other Teaching

Microprocessor Troubleshooting. I have delivered week-long courses on behalf of Learning Tree International.

Microprocessor design and Assembler-language programming, Evening classes at Loughborough Technical College.



Robotics. Maintaining, restoring and driving classic cars. Photography. Industrial Archaeology

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