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Practical DSP Get PDF file reader
Degree/HND level. Ideally requires access to a TMS320C50 Starter kit (DSK) with PC , a suitable sensor for interfacing and test instruments.
A set of slides on the use of DSPs in Real-Time signal processing applications



161 kb

A short Introduction to Digital Signal Processing

DSP Intro


23 kb

Digital Communications
Degree level. Introduction to the mathematics of sampled signals.
A set of slides on Digital Communications theory Slides PDF 163 kb
Tutor Support Packs for AVCE
Units in Information & Communications Technology (ICT). Based on Edexcel unit specifications.
Communications and Networks Unit 8 PDF 77 kb
Multimedia Unit 9 PDF 84 kb
Data Logging, Computer Control & Robotics     Approved by: NASA Robot Curriculum Clearinghouse Unit 21 PDF 105 kb
Operating Systems & System Architecture Unit 23 PDF 85 kb
Some articles on practical considerations when building small mobile robots.
Basics of Robot Sonar Sonar PDF 21 kb
Motors and Batteries Motors PDF 17 kb